Healing Your Feelings Gemstone Bracelet

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Do good for your mental health with the Healing Your Feelings gemstone bracelet by Larissa Loden. Each style features different genuine gemstone beads and supports a specific non-profit. See "description" section for more info on each special style!

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  • Genuine gemstone beads on a stretchy band. 
  • Standard 7-inch size.
  • Each bracelet comes on a card noting gemstone properties and the associated non-profit.
  • Larissa Loden is a woman-mother-artist-owned jewelry brand based out of Minneapolis, MN that donates to important causes through their Do Good Series.

Available styles:

Blue Apatite

  • This turquoise-colored stone unlocks the power of motivation, and clears away confusion and negativity. Known as the manifestation stone, said to help in seeking awareness and self-clarity. This bracelet is here to help with 20% of sales donated to WithAll, the Emily Program's nonprofit arm, supporting their work with eating disorders.


  • This deep-blue stone is known as the stone of peace, and is said to help in building self-acceptance and self-trust. Sodalite supports emotional balance and clarity for reducing stress, anxiety and negative thinking. This bracelet is here to help with 20% of sales donated to The Loveland Foundation, supporting their work to bring opportunity and healing to communities of color, and especially to Black women and girls. 


  • This purple stone brings balance to the mind and body. Known as the harmony stone, it is said to help with stabilizing mood swings and supporting tranquility, joy, and stress relief. This bracelet is here to help with 20% of sales donated to The Jed Foundation, supporting their work with emotional health, depression awareness and suicide prevention for teens and young adults.
  • This warm-hued stone is known as the energy stone, and said to promote taking charge and tapping into unharnessed motivation. Use sunstone to support inspiration, optimism, and motivation in pursuing passions. This bracelet is here to help with 20% of sales donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), supporting their mission of building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.