Botany Votive Candle

Article code Botany Candle Amber / Amber Oak
These petite, 2.5 oz votive candles feature beautiful colored glass vessels in fun pops of color. See "description" for scent details. Sold individually. 
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  • Charcoal gray vessel (Lake Air scent):
    T: Ozone, marine, citrus
    M: Lily, cyclamen, earthy
    B: Oakmoss, sandalwood, musk


  • Basil green vessel (Wild Fern scent):
     T: Fresh ozone, green bamboo, bergamot
    M: Gardenia, lemon
    B: Jasmine


  • White vessel (Grapefruit Mangosteen scent):
    T: Fresh orange, ripe mango
    M: Pineapple
    B: Jasmine, rose


  • Black vessel (Oakmoss Sandalwood scent):
    T: Citrus of lemon and bergamot
    M: Earthy notes of patchouli
    B: Cedarwood, sandalwood


  • Amber brown vessel (Amber Oak scent):
    T: Green, orange, apple
    M: Rose, Jasmine
    B: sandalwood, oakmoss


  • Dusty rose vessel (Linen Rosewood scent):
    T: Rose
    M: Raspberry, grapefruit peel
    B: Dry wood, musk


  • Sea green vessel (Sea Salt & Oak scent):
    T: jasmine, leafy green
    M: lily, peach, citrus
    B: rose, soft musk