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Creative Spotlight: LUA Skincare's Lori Fenn

You have probably seen her vibrantly packaged products sitting on the shelves at Frances, but do you know the woman behind it all? It is our pleasure to introduce Lori Fenn, creator and founder of LUA Skincare. ...
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The Southwest Summer Foodie

In need of something new to spice up your summer dinner menu? Try this veggie enchilada recipe from local chef, Justin Beckett. Pair it with our exclusive Frances drink made by our favorite mixologist ...
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A Southwest Summer

Hot days swimming at the lake, road trips to Sedona with friends, and warm nights accompanied with cold ice cream - summers in the Southwest deserve to be celebrated! What better way to do that than i ...
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Behind the Scenes: Frances' MVP

When you think of Frances, you think of Georganne Bryant - owner and creator. Now, we introduce a key player in Frances' development and success: Tom Bryant - husband and supporter. ...
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Don't Expect When You're Expecting

When you’re preparing for a newborn, you read the books, take the classes, watch the videos… right? But what happens when things don’t exactly go as expected? Read about what these two new moms ...
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